About RADi
     The design grid explained
     Additional RADi features
     Provided editors
     System requirements
     The Development process with RADi

Basic Operations

The Design grid
Cell parameters
     Column width and row height
     Column weight and row weight
     Column weight usage and row weight usage
     Size modes
Cell component parameters
     Span width and span height
     Cell insets
     Changing a component's kind
Components in grid cells
     Variable names
     Anonymous and non-anonymous components
     Copy and paste
Containers in grid cells
     Traversing the container hierarchy

JavaBeansTM Support
     Importing Beans
     Specifying libraries
     The BeanContext
     Design time information
     Non-component Beans
     Using Beans
     Event propagation
     Property propagation
     Exceptions while executing handlers
     Custom property editors and customizers
     How custom Beans are stored
     Provided Beans

R-Beans  (RADi Beans)
     How to create an R-Bean
     Propagating properties of nested components
     Using R-Beans
     R-Beans and Internationalization
     R-Bean FAQs
Step by step from the first layout to a running application
Step 1: Create the example IDE project and adjust the class path
Step 2: Create the corresponding RADi project
Step 3: Create a simple layout for a frame
Step 4: Export the layout
Step 5: Run the application
Step 6: Create a second layout for a dialog
Step 7: Export the second layout
Step 8: Attach an ActionListener to the button created in step 3
Step 9: Re-export the layout and edit the source code
Step 10: Run the application
Step 11: Package the application in a JAR file
Step 12: Run the packaged application

Additional information
Exporting layout classes
     Export options
     Frame settings
     Dialog settings
     Considerations when extending JApplet
     When you should re-export layouts
     Code generation
     Inner classes
The RADi runtime library
     Applets and Java Web Start
     Error messages
     Location of radirt.jar
     Checking resources
     Missing resources
     Defining locales and properties files
     How internationalization works
     Changing locales
Defining the FocusTraversalPolicy
RADi Shortcuts

Special components and containers
Components which can render antialiased text
Folder Panel
Internal panels
JEditorPane and JTextPane
Internal Frames and Palettes
JLayeredPane and JDesktopPane
JTable, SelfResizingTable
The Top container