RADi 1.2.1    (2007-1-30)
is an easy-to-use, though powerful, Swing GUI builder and JavaBeansTM container. According to the RADi license you may use it for free within non-commercial, non-profit projects.

The GUI Builder part
RADi is build upon a unique layout manager which is both powerful and easy to understand. The RADi editor is WYSIWYG and you can interactively control your layout's resizing behaviour. RADi supports antialiased text and panels can have background images. You can define table models and all kinds of renderers, so you can scetch a layout very precisely and in short time. RADi allows for easy internationalization using (RADi-generated) properties files. You can switch between all installed Look and Feels and you can define the FocusTraversalPolicy for frames and dialogs with a few mouse clicks.

The Application Builder part
RADi is a Bean container conforming to the JavaBeansTM specification. It supports both visible Beans and non-component Beans and provides a BeanContextServices implementation, allowing BeanContext aware Beans to share services. It is easy to specify event and property handlers which allow for simple inter-Bean communication.

Learn about RADi's unique design grid.
RADi feature list.
Browse the RADi Tutorial online (link opens in new window).
Download the RADi GUI Builder package.

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