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QTJPlayer - The Idea
QuickTime for Java is a powerful library but somewhat unhandy and not very well documented. So we decided to implement a Player Bean with a simple to use API enabling client programmers (you) to play-back and otherwise control digital video and other QuickTime media (browse the API documentation).

The Player Bean
consists of 4 parts: A menu bar, the play list, the controllers and the media display area. The media display area is always visible, all other parts can be hidden as needed.

 The Player Bean, all parts showing:     The Player Bean, play list hidden:

 The Player Bean, play list and menu bar hidden:     The Player Bean, play list, menu bar and controllers hidden:

 A real-life example, the combo box and the list control the selection of movies.

The Java Bean Aspect
Java Beans are intended to be used with builder tools. For this purpose there are mechanisms which allow a builder tool to explore a Bean's capabilities. The following images show the more important properties of a QTJPlayer component as being displayed in a builder tool and the 'Playlist Editor' editor component allowing users of the builder tool to edit the Bean's playlist property.

 Screenshots: RADi GUI Builder

QTJPlayer Home
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