QTJPlayer 1.0.2 beta    (2007-2-16)
is a Java Bean based on Apple's QuickTime for Java. To be able to use it you must have QuickTime 6.0 or higher installed (Windows users can download it at www.apple.com/quicktime/, on Mac OS X it is installed by default, Linux is not supported).
QTJPlayer can be used as a simple out-of-the-box QuickTime player or you can integrate it into your application's GUI. Read more and see some screenshots demonstrating the player's different appearances.

According to the QTJPlayer license you may use it for free within non-commercial, non-profit projects.
Note: QTJPlayer is a trans-continental cooperation, it was developed by Aldo Martinez, Montevideo, Uruguay, and me.

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  QTJPlayer Binaries     qtjplayer-1_0_2.zip     260,524 Bytes  

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